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Design Products & Services

Garden DesignGarden Design

Designing your own garden can be quite challenging as gardens involve a significant investment in time, money and emotion; however a well-designed garden will repay your investment by providing countless hours of enjoyment, while also significantly increasing the appeal of your property.

DIY DesignDIY Design

To assist you we have designed a number of basic, upfront packages that provide clear guidance to help you decide where to go next. These packages are designed to assist either the do-it-yourself gardener as well as people requiring a little more help.

Design ServiceDesign Service

We offer a range of garden design services for our clients, from basic sketch plans indicating the general placement of hard and soft landscaping to a more formal and comprehensive garden design process which includes choosing materials and plants, setting out ongoing maintenance schedules and detailed layout and scaled drawings.

Pre-Sale Property ConsultationsPre-Sale Property Consultations

If you’re selling your home we can help. Well-landscaped gardens can add value to your property and while garden maintenance is important, style and character are also vital to how your home is perceived by prospective buyers.