One World For Children – Kindergarten Redevelopment

We are back on site at One World for Children in Geelong. This amazing centre has two distinct play areas, one for children who attend the day care program and another area dedicated to the kindergarten program. We completed the design and construction of the day care area garden earlier this year and have now commenced work on the kinder area. The design is intended to connect harmoniously with the newly completed day care garden while adding a greater level of complexity and challenge for the kinder aged children. We have sought to incorporate simple mechanisms the children can manipulate as part of the design with the aim of developing a sense of inquisitiveness as well as fine and gross motor skills.

The works have been scheduled over several stages to ensure there is always a section of garden open for the children to play in. Stage one is already underway and is the Northern most area of the garden. This stage includes sand pits, a chain bridge, an extensive water play area and several natural timber climbing structures.






The existing garden has seen better days and was well in need of an upgrade. Sand and chip park have built up over time and produced a dusty and spongy environment to play.

Kinder a

The area of stage 1 is a long narrow site, reasonably full of new elements. Sand is the dominant surface treatment and the area will be extensively planted with hardy natives.

Kinder 5 (1)b

A new chain bridge will assist children learn balance on a moving surface

Kinder 2a

A view through Stage 1 across the Log Stile to the Sheoak forest


An Archimedes Screw is an example of a simple mechanism that the children can manipulate to draw water up from the shallow pond.


A bucket and pulley system enables children ot move sand and water across the site. 

Kinder 8a

A waterwheel is incorporated in the water play area, another simple mechanism.

Kinder 6a

A custom designed water play table, made from clear acrylic perspex will allow the children to investigate how water moves around and over different objects.

Kinder 7a

A Sheoak forest intersected with sleepers for balancing offers protection for the trees and a really natural play area for the children.





Clearing the Site




Construction begins on the platforms and rock placement



Fabrication of the steel elements of the new playground is always exciting. 



Adding the play stations/simple mechanisms into the garden design



Our landscapers are master craftsmen. The skills on show and enthusiasm for this project are amazing.

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