Belmont Residence

When I arrived for a consultation at this property in Belmont I could almost hear the garden crying out for some love and attention. After many years with minimal up keep followed by the countless feet and tyres of a myriad of tradesmen renovating the house this garden had certainly seen better days.

Belmont 1

(Before) The rear garden needed a good clean out

Belmont 2

(Before) While functional the blue metal driveway was fairly  uninspiring

Belmont 3

(Before) Weeds and left over fill from the house renovations had taken over the front garden bed


The clients, a retired couple, were looking for a low maintenance garden that had something a bit different. Located on a sloping block one of the other requirements was to stop water getting under the house. This was achieved using water sensitive urban design, a trench and agi pipe were installed along the back and down the side of the property to catch water flowing over the ground and redirecting this water into a rain garden in the front of the property. This rain garden was then planted out with native grasses that will help soak up and clean the water before entering the storm water system.


The front garden was intended as a more ornamental area of the property to be viewed from the clients balcony. We decided on a native theme for this space and chose plants that would attract native birds and insects. As the space was limited we chose grafted native trees which don’t grow as large but offer stunning flowers and fragrances.

Belmont 4

Dry river bed styled rain garden

Belmont 5

Red-gum sleeper bridge over rain garden

Belmont 6Stone Sculpture in Rain Garden

Belmont 9

Simple use of timber and planting at the entrance to the property

In the rear of the property a fragrant cottage theme was chosen, with raised herb and vegetable beds and a new lawn area to help prevent heat build up on the western side of the property. Both the front and rear gardens are low maintenance, requiring some watering to get established and only occasional care from then on. The plants chosen are both hardy, beautiful and fragrant as per the wishes of the clients. The materials pallet of toppings, pavers and hardwood sleepers was chosen to match and unify both spaces.

Belmont 11

Raised vegetable bed

Belmont 7

Winding side path lined with roses

Belmont 8

Custom timber screen alongside new paved area

Belmont 10

New lawn area just being laid

Belmont 12To break up and soften the paved area hardy succulents were planted between pavers

This project was a pleasure to work on with a great team of contractors and wonderful clients who were really active in the design process which led to a unique, functional and enjoyable garden.


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