Lentil As Anything – Preston

Everyone loves those community minded vegetarians at Lentil As Anything (www.lentilasanything.com), so when they asked for help with their kitchen garden at their new restaurant in Preston we were more than happy to pitch in.



First site visit – November 2013

Choosing to eat outside is about the experience as much as it about the food. The emphasis in this design is on the texture and smells of a kitchen garden, using citrus trees, herbs and other scented foliage to create a layered, sensory experience all year round.

Plan1 web

Sketch plan of site

This project is a great example of making the most of limited resources. We were able to recycle, reuse and re-purpose many of the materials and plants used in the final design. old signage and roofing iron, even an old bath helped create a wonderful outdoor space.




Work in progress – December 2013

This project is still a work in progress while the garden is being constructed.


Still work to be done, but there’s food to be served – mid December 2013

But the lives of volunteers waits for no cafe – the space is open, active, and we can assure you the food is excellent.

More photos to follow.

If you are interested in  getting the most out of a limited budget or maybe creating your own sensory kitchen garden and would like to know more about this or any of our other projects please contact us to find out more.