Marshall Residence

This project, located in a new housing estate on the southern edge of Geelong, has progressed at a slowly due to time and budget constraints of the clients. The results, however have been well worth the wait.

Marshall - Front 1

The requirements for the rear garden included a fernery, lawned area, raised vegetable beds and outdoor living area. Identifying different temperature zones within the garden was key to the success of incorporating all the varied elements required by the owner. The heavy clay soil also added a challenging element to the project limiting planting choice and early in the life of the project.

Marshall - Patio

A mix of exotic and native trees were chosen to frame the views out over the Barrabool hills while shading the space from the westerly sun. The patio area draped with deciduous grape vines allows sun in during the winter, shade in the summer and a dramatic colour display in autumn. Fragrant planting has been located near doorways to catch the breeze and infuse the house with wonderful jasmine and citrus smells in spring and summer. Raised vegetable beds were installed to overcome the poor soil and allow easier access to produce for the client.


Marshall - Back Lawn

Marshall - Back of House

The front garden offered a more simple brief, to be aesthetically appealing and low maintenance. A solely native planting pallet was chosen consists of a mix of ground covers , native grasses and small to medium flowering trees. Located on a corner block the larger than normal nature strip has been incorporated into the garden with a similar planting pallet of grasses and low flowering shrubs to compliment the councils native street trees. This has allowed the owner to have a very low maintenance and highly resilient garden that is alive with movement and colour. 

Marshall - Front 2

If you are interested in how to reduce the maintenance of your garden without compromising on style and beauty or would like to know more about this or any of our other projects please contact us to find out more.