Newtown Residence

We love creating native gardens. This one is a bit special. Once again our wonderful clients were after something out of the ordinary and a garden that would compliment their recently renovated and highly sustainable home. We were encouraged to let the creativity flow.


The existing garden was over grown, full of weeds and contained hydrophobic soil, the unfortunate casualty of modern busy professional lives.




The brief included allowing more light into the garden, creating an entertaining area, provide screening for privacy all while being as sustainable and interesting as possible. The path to the front door also needed to accommodate wheelchair access. Native planting, a water feature and some sculptural elements rounded out the requirements for this garden space.


We were able to identify and source many salvaged and reclaimed materials, including second hand stone, steel for the water feature and railway sleepers.


The main design element in this garden is a flowing serpentine wall, made of stacked stone and hollowed out logs, weaving across the front and down the side of the garden. A sense of privacy is created by strategically located salvaged railway sleepers. Informal seating is created by salvaged red gum slabs.


Other sustainable elements include planting bird attracting shrubs and trees and a insect hotel.  The insect hotel provides habitat for sting-less native bees and other insects that are getting pushed out of built up areas. Form is equally as important as function with the counter levered sculptural structure.


Screening for the existing deck incorporates a custom designed and fabricated recycled steel water wall. The overlapping panels resemble large steel scales, that the water washes over. The steel will age and continue to rust adding a ever changing element to the garden.


The design of this garden was a continuous dialogue with the clients, discussing, sharing and mulling over ideas. This is a garden we are immensely proud of and we are pretty sure the clients are too.



If you would like any more information on this project or would like to discuss how we can help transform your garden feel free to contact us here or via the form below.