Quarterly Update

So many projects, so much to say about them: courtyards, bush gardens, cottages and children’s playspaces – this is the sort of profession you could never get bored in!

Winter was a busy time for us, and having put some of these in during the cooler months we’re all hotly anticipating the burst of colour and movement come late Spring! In the meantime, below are a number of projects we’ve either recently completed or are currently working on:

One World For Children

Stay tuned for this one – this is an exciting project, redeveloping an outdoor playspace for a child care centre.



This photo is a before shot!

This has been quite the special project, created through a detailed consultation process over a 6 month period. Originally this small yard was dominated by an old, collapsing shed with the remaining half resigned to weeds and far too many peach trees.


The owner wanted a space that would reignite her passion for gardening, but also allow her to let it just bloom by itself should she choose to.


With a list of favourite plants 100 km long, we embarked upon a long-term consultation that catered for a space that was rediscovered and rethought as each corner was unveiled. With the invaluable assistance of A&M Home Services, Soon a garden began to reveal itself, one that reused many of the materials discovered as it was tidied and exposed nooks and plants that rewrote the way the owner viewed and used her garden.

With a focus on classic cottage plants and a passion for unique roses, this garden has brought the owner of this house back into her backyard again.


As the weather warms up (not pictured here!) the garden will become an explosion of scent and colour, with a lawn-free walking space composed of creeping thyme, chamomile and native dichondra.


Of course, although this garden could be almost complete, it has been designed to never be complete. There area always spaces for new plants, for old favourites, but also to just sit, relax, and enjoy the colour.


This project began with a young family looking for a backyard space to accompany their new house to be constructed in Blackburn. Initial expectations were for a fairly straight-forward yard – but after a detailed discussion on what they actually wanted from their garden, it was soon revealed that something more adventurous was required.

The concept couldn’t have been further from their original expectations of a backyard, and they couldn’t have been happier with the design. This is a backyard that caters to movement, that dedicates itself to maximising both garden and playspace in a modern, small backyard, and protects from neighbouring windows, hides unwanted fence lines and creates a bushland setting within a modern, curved context.

Whilst we’re still in the process of nailing down a lot of the detail of this design, this over arching concept couldn’t have come about without a detailed consultation process. It was only by asking the right questions and pulling together a detailed criteria were we then able to present an idea that was surprising, exciting and exactly what they’d wanted, without realising it until it was there.

South Yarra

Courtyards can be challenging spaces for plants and designers, as the extreme conditions created in these spaces can mimic several ecosystems in the same space in the same day.

In this case, the design is for a small courtyard with a narrow garden space, one side getting extreme sunlight all year round whilst the other barely gets any. The brief from the client is to create a clean, sculptural garden that is virtually no maintenance and has an emphasis on height to offset from the courtyard walls and neighbouring fence. The preferred plant category is for succulents, many of which have toxic sap – did we mention there was also a dog and 1.5 small children?

To do this garden properly we embarked upon a degree of research to determine the most appropriate species for climate, space, height & friendliness. A lot of this consultation process is done through setting up a board on for the client on our Pinterest page, which enables us to share ideas back and forth at the client’s convenience.


Still in the design phase, this Eltham garden is in a community that has strict guidelines on the type of species to be used. The challenge was to create an aesthetic garden composed only from plants indigenous to the Eltham area or are of an edible variety – and as chance should have it, a bit of research revealed that the owner’s favourite plant, a Magnolia, has medicinal properties, which enabled it to pass the body corporate criteria.

Of course, then there’s the trick of arranging indigenous plants to fit in with a Magnolia, in a garden town like Eltham. Landscape design in Eltham has a style of its own, and this is one that we’re very much looking forward to seeing built!


Projects also currently under construction in Belmont & Newtown in Geelong & Rosanna in Melbourne.