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    So we can better cater our services to you, tell us some details about your property and what areas you would like us to have a look at:

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    Tell us about the people who will be using the garden on a regular basis.

    Include anyone living at the property or who visits regularly that you think should be considered in the design process.

    Age: Please enter numbers to indicate the age groups represented by the people using your garden.

    70+ 50 to 69 30 to 49 18 to 29
    13 to 17 5 to 12 Under 5

    Mobility Issues: Are there any users of the garden who have mobility/disability issues that you would like to be considered in designing your garden?

    If yes, please list any Mobility/Disability issues. Note: These can be discussed further during your garden consultation

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    Is there anything in particular you would like to use your garden for?

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    What features would you like to have in your garden?

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    Do you know what style of garden you like?

    If you're unsure, or like several styles that’s fine, just select the ones you are most interested in, we can work out the rest during the consultation process.

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    Garden Style Notes: (max 100 words)

    Do you have any favorite gardens or outdoor places? This helps us get to know you and what type of garden you might be looking for.

    Please list your three favorite gardens and the reasons why you like them. Any garden is fine to include, be it your great aunt Mildred's vege garden from when you were a child or somewhere you have only been once but blew you away.

    Favourite Garden 1

    Reason: (max 100 words)

    Favourite Garden 2

    Reason: (max 100 words)

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    After all of that, are there any particular questions for your Garden Consultant?

    We will do our best to answer these for you during your consultation. (max 100 words)

    Question 1:
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    Question 3:
    Question 4:
    Question 5:

    Is there anything else you would like to let us know before your consultation? Please enter it below

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